I lay in bed last night, knowing that if I was going to actually get my cards in a row, I had to do it now, not a few days from now, but this week. Or at the very least, start doing things right.

It was pouring rain last night and I didn’t feel like walking to the gym. It’s abut a mile and a half walk and I usually love the walk through downtown San Francisco, but through the windy, cold pouring rain, I wasn’t up for it. And for the rest of the night and even today, I felt guilty for it. It was one workout, just one, that I missed.

The simple truth is, if I don’t put 10% effort into getting into prime shape and losing weight, I won’t lose it. I can’t go half-assed about this. I’m in my 50s and weight loss doesn’t happen without complete commitment. And I’m ready to commit to it.

I passed my Personal Trainers renewal Sunday. I had studied weeks for it. I was so happy, that I allowed myself too much celebration I think.

But it is time to put the effort into my training. And also, into this blog. So, my friends, the time is NOW. Don’t put anything off, don’t wait until it is too late!

Keep Moving Forward!


Goodbye 2017

I was sick for a long time it seemed. I had a nasty cold for at least two weeks. Usually I can avoid getting sick, but this one knocked me hard. I even tried to go for a run, but that had the opposite effect and hurt me more.

So, what was supposed to be an awesome stay-at-home vacation to run, study for my PT Cert renewal exam turned into more of a recovery time. But I’m feeling better now and ready to end this year.

2017 didn’t turn out to be the year I had planned. But I did survive. And I learned. The biggest lesson I learned is that the road to following one’s dream is longer and filled with more rocks than I ever imagined. But I’m still on it.

So, I’m ready to start 2018 with a rested, renewed energy I haven’t had in a long long time!


Keep Moving Forward!



Presidio 1-31-16

The Presidio

Getting to the testing site isn’t easy via MUNI. Located near the old Candlestick site, it’s a long ride on the 9 and then a long walk down to the Executive Park on the east side of 101. Nevermind that my lasting memories of this place were from last July when I failed the NASM Certified Personal Trainer’s exam, so I cautiously made my way to the location. How many more hours could I have studied? I asked myself. I know this, I will pass this! Also went through my head. I took Buster along for good luck; somehow the little guy seemed to make me feel better.

I had spent so many hours studying at night after work, on BART, early in the morning. I had sacrificed so much just to pass…and GUESS WHAT??!!??


I took my time answering the questions; I went over all of the questions a second time to make sure I understood them and answered them correctly. I’m glad I did too, because I found two mistakes I made the first time!

I was happy but even more relieved. Now I can move on to the next step.

I’m not young, but I’m not dead yet either. If I want to change my life, I need to do it NOW. But, because of circumstances, I can’t make radical changes all at once, so I’ve worked out my plan in a series of steps. My next step will be to complete a new resume with my goals towards a new career. I’ll let you know more in a later blog.

I ran 15 miles yesterday. It was a glorious morning, one of those types of blue sky days that I wanted to frame. It was a good run, my legs felt good and I’m doing much better on the hills. I took the run slowly and concentrated on form and getting the whole distance out. I’m figuring out when I need to take in water, electrolytes and food. It’s all coming together.

And also, with some of the stress of passing my exam gone, I can focus on losing weight, which is another one of my goals this year.

It’s difficult to express how much of an accomplishment this victory was for me. I failed the exam the first time I took it and that defeat hurt badly. But, it didn’t stop me from getting back up and trying again. And since then up until passing it Saturday, I have been studying hours and hours, working to know the material. At night after work and running, I study, on BART going to work and going back home, I study. In the morning with coffee, I study. Putting in the effort was well worth it.

And now to plan my next course of action, stay tuned….