47 Hills – Sutro Heights Hill 45

I started my run on a clear, breezy morning. I hadn’t realized that it was the same morning as the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, a short, yet punishing tri that starts on Alcatraz with a swim to the Marina Green, then an 18-mile cycling course, finishing with an 8-mile run that returns at Marina Green. And throughout both the bike and running courses, there are hills, lots of hills.

Sutro Mansion

The original Sutro Mansion

What this meant for me, was that a lot of the area I was planning on running was going to either be cut off or a bit more difficult to get to, so I rerouted my run and enjoyed watching a bit of the tri along the way.


The view from the top

Adolph Heinrich Joseph Sutro was born in Germany in 1830 but served as mayor of San Francisco from 1895 until 1897. He made his fortune in the Comstock Lode in Nevada and built not only a huge mansion at the top of a hill overlooking Ocean Beach, but also the well-loved Sutro Baths. The remains of the baths still exist and can be explored on foot.


Sutro Heights grounds

Sutro Heights checks in at 200 feet. It watches over the Pacific Ocean quietly and if you happen to drive past, enjoying the ocean view, you’d probably miss its tranquil setting. Adolph’s gigantic mansion is long gone, but the site remains and it is worth a visit. The hill is one of my favorites; you can run in a circle and then continue down to the beach, or go across the street to the Land’s End path. There’s plenty to see and it’s usually pretty quiet. The backside of the hill also has a fun and very sandy way to get down if you want something a little more adventurous.


I decided on the sandy back route to avoid the cyclists and ended my run watching some of the race at the end of Golden Gate Park. This hill is one of my favorites in the city. I hope you can enjoy it sometime too!

IMG_20170611_102734_639 (2)

Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

Note: All the hill elevations and listings were taken from another website and used for a personal challenge so bear that in mind if there are any discrepancies.

Keep Moving Forward!


Too Long of a Break

Things happen in life. Unfortunately, when we say that, it’s always the bad things that happen. My very favorite hockey team, the local minor league hockey team, the San Francisco Bulls folded last week and it completely wrecked my workout schedule. We knew it was coming, the fans weren’t there, the money wasn’t there, it was sad.

But this isn’t about their demise, that’s for another day. This post is about how taking time off from workouts or not going at them full-on is hard, so hard.

And when I went back today, it felt better than I could ever imagine. Blasting Orange Goblin, one of my very favorite bands, on Spotify while on the bike felt awesome, as I sweat my way through the minutes.

Now I’m ready to tackle my workouts, to eat right again, to maintain that positive attitude. Things are leveling right-side-up again.

Swimming Til I Drop….

Tonight’s workout was pretty exceptional. Since my Hot Chocolate 15K race about a week and a half ago, I drifted a few days out of my workouts, so it was really nice to get back into it.

I hit the gym after work, starting first with some core work…

First some yoga poses, Cat, Cow, Baby, part of the Sun Salutation, plank, some back stretches.

Crunches on the exercise ball. I LOVE doing them that way! Yes, I said LOVE. You get all the benefits and none of the pain of doing crunches on the floor. Your back feels fine, your stomach muscles feel great, but you know you’re working them. You also get added benefits of working out your leg muscles.

Squats on the bosu ball. This is a really good way to develop balance. I enjoy doing these as well. My trainer had said that runners have to make sure to keep their knees straight in front rather than go into Vs, He said that’s pretty typical of runners, and I forgot why he said we do it.

I do step ups on one foot with weights. Scott (my trainer) said this helps with balance which triathletes need so much. He’s a firm believer in doing as much in a few combined exercises as you can rather than doing a whole bunch of time-consuming individual exercises. Triathletes spend enough time working out, we don’t need more to do.

Next free weights. two sets, 20 reps each, about three different moves. And then a few different machines, 3 sets, 15 reps each with varied weights.

And then the pool. Lucky me, the hot water in the showers was BROKEN!!! So, I rushed through the rinse off before swimming and hit the pool.

I swam 26 laps, the first 22 were nonstop, while I worked on my swimmer’s turns. The pool is 25 yards long, so I swam 650 yards. I also did a couple laps breast stroke and swam some sprints. The last couple laps my legs started cramping up so I knew it was time to finish.

I ate well today. Well, almost perfectly. I stopped at Milan’s and got a veggie pizza with garlic on my way home. I was soooo hungry! Let me tell you….I’ve run a marathon and a few halfs. I’ve trained for a lot of running races and NOTHING, no, NOTHING makes you as hungry as swimming.

It was delicious and I have plenty left for tomorrow night. Tomorrow morning, running.

Beginnings & an Intro


Usually, when I write it’s about or for someone else. I don’t do much writing about me. So, after spending so much time writing about others, I thought I’d start a blog all about my running, weight loss and beginning triathlon training. I’ll probably also throw in some other things that are going on in my life, but it will mostly cover that.

I hope you enjoy it and I hope I can bring you some entertaining, motivational and sometimes funny blogs!