YMCA CHINESE NEW YEAR RUN and a little more….

Despite a sore quad muscle, I ran the Chinatown YMCA’s annual 5K Chinese New Year’s Eve run. My leg felt good until the last mile, but by then, I had kept up a decent pace and was determined to keep running. I had told myself that if it hurt too much, I would walk, but I didn’t have to walk any part of the race. Because it hurt, however, I knew that I wouldn’t be running again for at least a couple more weeks.


Grant St before the start of the race

My birthday is this week. My stepmom, Eleanor, lives in North Florida and is one of the few family members I have left. She planned to make the trip to see me this year instead of me flying out there as I usually do. I’ve been looking forward to it a while, so I took the week off. The race was a nice start to my vacation. Monday was President’s Day, so it was great turning a long weekend even longer as well.

And then, Monday morning as I was having breakfast, I suddenly felt a hard object in my mouth. One of my back molars had chipped! This was not unexpected. My dentist had told me that because it had had a very large filling years ago, it was bound to break and in turn will probably need a root canal and crown. Ouch! As happens in life, the timing sometimes sucks.

So, this morning, I spent the day at the dentist. This afternoon, I met up with Eleanor, which cheered me up. The good news is I haven’t felt any pain since. The bad news is that even with dental insurance, I’ll still have to pay the majority of the costs.

But, I’m not going to let it get me down. Tomorrow is my birthday and Eleanor and I are going to have a great day!

Keep Moving!




Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach

My dad turned 93 this year. He has always been healthy. He was very active when he was younger; he loved mountain climbing, hiking and being outdoors in general. He also liked to eat right and I can’t ever remember a time when he was overweight. Whenever he gained a few pounds, he lost them right away.

Two weeks ago, he passed away peacefully in the Hospice room he had been staying in next door to his home in Northern Florida. He and my stepmom live in Jacksonville next to the Mayo Clinic, so he was always had the best care. Eleanor (my stepmom) had called me and warned me that his time was coming, so I prepared to fly out there at any time.

My dad when he was young

My dad when he was young

As soon as I heard, I booked a flight a couple days later and was there a few days. I was relieved I got to spend time with him when he was feeling better a couple years prior to this.

I was able to get a couple shorter runs in while I was there, but my marathon training has been shaken up a bit. Granted, it’s a good reason, and my head wasn’t in the right place to run for a little while, but I’m now trying to get back into it.

While in JAX, I got one decent 5-miler near the beach. It wasn’t as humid as a couple miles inland where Eleanor lives. I truly love the beach and am thinking about moving there in a couple years.

The flowers for my dad. He loved gardening, so it included vegetables

The flowers for my dad. He loved gardening, so it included vegetables

So, I said goodbye to my father and still think of him. He led a long and filled life. No regrets. He was a man’s man, but he loved the ladies too. He loved being in nature and exploring foreign countries. He taught me to love the outdoors, reading and the SF Giants.

Love you always Dad.