My father passed away last October, but his desire was to have his ashes buried in his hometown of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Since he lived in Florida for the last few decades of his life, he had planned it out with his second wife. my stepmom, to have a burial ceremony on the birthday after his passing in New England. So I took the time to head Northeast.

Running Trail in NH

Rails to Trails in New Hampshire

It’s been many years since I’ve been in that part of the country. It’s beautiful country; trees everywhere you look, rolling green hills lined with low stone walls and centuries-old churches and history, lots of history.

I stayed with one of my sisters in New Hampshire just south of Manchester. I was struck by how modern and sleek the Manchester Airport. Tons of charging stations and so clean and intelligently planned. Other airports could learn much from Manchester.

Woods ini NH

New Hampshire woods

Thursday I went for the one run of my trip. There was so much to do and see I didn’t have another chance to run. But the run I got in was great. They have a series of Rails to Trails and the portion I used was beautiful! It meandered through woods and passed lakes. Few people used the paved path. It was chilly out! Luckily I started to get warm as I ran, for I started to wonder if I should have worn my long Under Armors instead of running shorts.

Later that day, my sisters I went out for dinner – LOBSTER! It was spectacular! We drove to the beach afterwards for dessert and coffee. I am really going to lose weight when I get back home!

Friday was spent with family, many of whom I hadn’t seen in many, many years. These times are not easy, it’s so good to reconnect, but also a bit emotional and draining.

Saturday I planned a day to myself. I drove out to Ipswich to see Castle Hill. A manufacturer or plumbing parts magnate from Chicago built this glorious mansion, no, castle on a huge hill at the ocean there and I needed to see it. I love places like this! I wandered around the grounds and then inside. It was in the 40s and windy, so it was hard to be outside for too long.

Castle Hill

Castle Hill grounds

My plane ride started extra early this morning, so it was nice to be back in SF before noon. Back to training and my regular routine tomorrow, which I don’t mind at all.



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