SF Rain

I have a confession to make….. I like, no I LOVE running in the rain. I LOVE RAIN RUNNING!

Now, there’s a bit more planning before going out and I think this it what intimidates a lot of would be Rain Runners. We have to think of whether it will be light/dark, cold/warm, how long….

And then those first steps outside…..if it’s not raining yet, you’ll probably start running and hope to get some good distance in before the drops start to fall.

In my case last night, it was pouring from the time I started to the time I ended. So, once I was outside, I committed. It was run or go back inside and call myself a wimp. I know that not everyone, in fact, very few people like to run in the pouring rain, but it’s one of my greatest challenges I have in my life these days. Some people bungee jump, others lift really heavy weights, I run in the rain.

It’s been such a long time since we’re had stormy days in the Bay Area, my soaked run was nearly pure joy. I made it fun. I jumped over puddles, turned down my music and listened to the drops on my rain jacket, I enjoyed the way the water distorts the lights on all the new buildings in Mission Bay. I especially get a snicker at the way drivers and walkers rushing to get out of the rain, look at me.

“Are you crazy??” They seem to say. Yeah, maybe.

When the rain starts to pick up, and the puddles get a little bigger, that’s when the real fun happens. It gets a little harder to see, maybe the wind is blowing a bit, and there’s a GREAT BIG PUDDLE right in front of me! All of a sudden, I’m Super Woman and leap! Making it to the other side in a single bound.

The other very cool part of being a Rain Runner is when we see other Rain Runners, we acknowledge them. Sometimes it’s just a smile but other times, when it’s really coming down, a fist pump or high-five is the answer.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that coming home to dry off, have something extra delicious to eat and knowing I conquered a rainstorm wasn’t the very best part. I used to downhill ski and sometimes being at the top of the hill was intimidating and really scary. But once I settled down my fears and started edging my skis down the steep of the hill, I was OK, much like once I get going into a rainy run.

If you’ve been fearful of running in the rain, I would say try to tackle that fear and go for it. Be prepared for it first, have the right gear. A good running shell or light running-style raincoat, if it’s cold, running tights, long distance shoes, with thicker soles are the best just for the puddles, a don’t forget a hat.

With El Nino visiting Northern California this year, it seems I’ll be getting more excellent Rain Runs in soon.




  1. I don’t think it’s the rain so much that bothers me – like you say if you have the right gear it’s perfectly fine. It’s the fact that it’s almost always freezing cold and windy in my part of the world when its raining. Thats the combination that just puts me off stepping outside unless its absolutely necessary! If it were tropical rain, I think it would be totally awesome!

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