Some runs start out hard; I forget my Garmin (I know, but it happens) and I have to go back and get it, I run the first mile too fast, forget to roll, run too close to eating, and then I know the rest of the run is going to be so, so hard. Sometimes, the run doesn’t turn out to be as bad as I imagine and I wind up pleasantly surprised. Other times it’s agony for miles.

But then there are those runs when everything feels RIGHT. All cylinders clicking perfectly. The weather is wonderful, drivers are mindful and yes, pedestrians are courteous. At some point on one of these runs I’ll feel good, really good, as if I could run 25 more miles just like I’m doing. I may smile, I may turn up my music a little more and maybe I’ll check out the scenery I’m passing a bit more carefully.

On my last run I felt this, it’s called a Runner’s High, and what a great feeling! Many times I get my “high” after I run and am filled with adrenaline, but that sheer joy of finding comfort spot during running is a bliss I truly appreciate and enjoy. I kept going on this run, moving past the point I had planned, because it felt so good. My body embraced the steps, this is True Freedom. If I had allowed myself, I could have probably gone a couple more miles out of happiness alone.

But then a cyclist nearly ran into me and jolted me back into reality. Even with all the happy thoughts, I still have to remember that it’s a dangerous world for us runners; need to constantly be on guard.

In between my runs I’ve been spending a lot of time at the YMCA. I’ve learned to enjoy core and weight work. It’s a different kind of appreciation and workout. It’s more tightly controlled and inside. And it’s around others, most of the time. But without all the strength training and stretching I do, I couldn’t run, so it’s necessary.

My longest run in decades is coming up this Sunday. I’ll go for 20 or 21 miles, which will be the only 20+ mile run I get in before my marathon in December. I wanted to do more, but because of all the happened with Dad, it didn’t happen. I hope it’s enough.

Tomorrow night is a 9-miler, so I’m looking forward to hitting that sweet spot once more.



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