Sunset in the Presidio

Sunset in the Presidio

It’s late October now, soon to be November. The weather has finally started to cool and hopefully, one day, it will rain again.

Tomorrow is Halloween, but I’m not into it this year. With my dad’s passing and my marathon training, the thought of having to think of a costume was just another chore I dreaded, and one that wasn’t at all necessary, so I’m skipping it.

This Sunday I’ll go for the longest run I’ve done in half my life, 18 miles…not since I ran the only marathon I’ve ever done in my twenties have I ever pushed myself so far. I’m excited, nervous, scared and trying to be brave, all at once!

Last night I ran 8 miles, which is a lot for a midweek run. It was enough to run to and through the Presidio and back home. And it was enough to have to make up a batch of homemade electrolyte mix before I went out.

I’ve also been working very hard to shed a few pounds. Granted, I should have been losing weight for this sooner, but with all that’s happened, life was just too stressful. I’m not THAT much over weight, but losing a few pounds would really help with the stress and strain my body is and will be taking. My focus is where it should be now, on eating right and doing the best that I can.

I was thinking on my 4-miler tonight that all the strength training, stretching, and runs I have done are doing some good. My legs feel good, my runs usually feel all right, of course there is the occasional bad run, but those are the anomaly rather than the norm, and my confidence in my own abilities is growing. I can really see the progress I’m making!

December 6th isn’t far away and I’m sure the butterflies will start up soon….



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