Month: September 2015


the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset

the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset

In spite of being exceedingly broke this summer, I managed to get a lot of running done. It doesn’t take much money to run. Sure, a few bucks for shoes, GPS devices and such, but the running part is pretty cheap. And on those very difficult days, running was and still is my escape from all things bad.

I increased my average long, slow pace by 30 seconds. I finished and PR’d in two half marathons and am now working towards my first full marathon (CIM, Dec 6th) in 30 years.

Grand View Park

Grand View Park

Some things I have not been successful have been losing weight and saving money. My weight has been a battle. I’m hungry all the time as my miles increase. I am now eating more protein, hoping this eliminates the feelings of hunger I have nearly all the time.

I’ve also found that my leg muscles get more and more tense. I do a lot of core exercises and strength work, as well as roll with a foam roller. Oh boy do I roll! I roll out my legs at least twice a day, but they still feel tight and sometimes hurt. Hopefully, all the work I’m dong will eventually come to fruition. I would love to get a sports massage, but those cost money…

But, even with the snags, I’ll keep going forward, adding on the miles while making my body stronger. I will eat better and get the extra fat weight I’m carrying off. This is a must!

And I will remember that it’s been a pretty good summer.

But now it’s officially Fall and the real work begins. I’m ready!