Be the Best You Can Be

On my evening run tonight, I suddenly had the realization that at age 56, I am running the best I have ever run in my life. I don’t mean I’m the fastest, although I have taken nearly a minute off my slow pace in the last year, nor do I mean that this is the best I can ever be, but I have worked very hard and steady to become a better runner and it shows. The dedication I have put in to running and sometimes the struggle to stay with that dedication is paying off.

This really made me feel good, because so much of my life isn’t making me feel good right now. All those extra hours (mostly) eating right, going to the gym, strength training, rolling, rolling and then rolling some more are doing what they’re supposed to do and I feel very ready for my next Half Marathon this Sunday.

I’m quite excited about it, not nervous at all. I may not be a fast runner; I’m quite certain I’ll finish in the bottom third of the race, and that’s perfectly fine with me. But I’ll still finish strong and happy. I AM planning on PR’ing by at least three minutes. For me, as a runner, it doesn’t matter if I’m part of the Back of the Pack Club. What matters is if I tried my hardest and did my best to prepare. I think most runners, unless they have set their targets much higher than me, would agree with that. Rock it as hard as you can and enjoy the rest.

But I won’t get ahead of myself, I need to get my sleep and get ready for another day!



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