Martha’s Running Truths – Part 1

During my Five-Miler Thursday night, I started thinking of Running Truths….running things that to me, just ARE. Truths may vary depending on the runner, but these do not for me.

It goes without saying…your mileage may vary. 🙂

Truth #1: The first mile is a liar. Everything hurts during that first mile. Your whole body tells you to stop. Don’t listen, keep running. You are using anaerobic energy and until your body switches to aerobic, it will feel like shit. Have patience, it will happen.

Truth #2: NO MATTER THE WEATHER, runs are always nicer outside. Sorry, but I’m an outside runner and no one on the planet can convince me that running on a giant hamster wheel is better. It sucks. And it’s bad for your knees, that’s a fact, jack.

Truth #3: Everything starts to feel really good after the 5th mile. I can’t speak for anyone else, but after mile 5, sometimes mile 6, but usually 5, I feel really good and if things are going well on a run, I have the amazing feeling like I could continue running for hours. I love this feeling more than any other feeling in my entire life. I live for these moments.

Truth #4: I think the weirdest thoughts when I run. It’s a runner’s thing, we have lots of time to fill up, it gets boring, our minds wander to places you don’t want to know about.

Truth #5: whatever leg muscles I don’t roll before a run will be the ones that start hurting during a one. This is ALWAYS THE CASE!!!

Truth #6: I may never win a race, but that doesn’t mean I’m not competitive, I’m always finding ways to run faster, farther, better.

Truth #7 – Songwriters really need to focus on lyric writing. Bad lyric writing has made me question many things during my runs.

Truth #8 – I don’t mind running with other people, but the runs that stand out as my best runs are always done solo.

Truth #9 – No matter how many times I’ve run the same route, I will spot something I have never seen before.

Truth #10 – I always feel sorry for the other MUNI passengers sharing my ride home from a run. Always. At least it is fresh sweat.

Buster at Delores Park

Buster at Delores Park


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