Summer Doldums and Long Runs

Buster and I

Buster and I

It’s been warm in San Francisco. It is August, but you never know what summer will be like in The City. Travel 50 miles south to San Jose and it’s always hot in summertime. Same with Walnut Creek in the East Bay, it will be hot, hot, hot. But in San Francisco Proper, the wind blows the fog in from the ocean and more often than not, it stays cool all summer long, fooling the tourists, who think it’s going to be just like home. They huddle in groups, freezing in shorts and tank tops and newly bought San Francisco sweatshirts.

But it hasn’t been that way the last two weeks. It’s been sunny and warm or hot and humid. There’s only two weeks until the San Francisco Giants Step, my next race, a Half Marathon, so I needed to get one long run in today.

I started early, at 7:30am. I picked a course from my apartment, up to the Presidio National Park down around the SF Bay and wind up at AT&T Park, running 12 miles. I made it 10.44 miles. A few things cut it a bit short.

Chrissy Field

Chrissy Field

It was mostly a decent run. There were a few uphill parts and I did well on those; no walking, running slowly, everything felt good, my Ghost 8s are great, socks, great…but it was warm… I ran up to Golden Gate Bridge, then ran down to Fort Point under the bridge and down around Chrissy Field, the Marina and through Fisherman’s Wharf, which was just starting to get busy.

As I got to the Embarcadero past Pier 39, my right IT band, the one that usually causes the problems starting feeling tight. I stopped and stretched out for the first time in my run. This was after about 8.5 miles. It felt better for a little while. But after the 10th mile, it acted up again, I kept running until I got to the Ferry Building and stopped; it wasn’t worth pushing it farther.

Even though I roll out my IT band muscles, as well as most of my leg muscles, out every day, it looks like I need to do it more than once per day and maybe I need to ramp up strength training even more.

Whatever it takes to get through this and push my running even more. It’s hard getting older, but running it worth it. I love being out there. I love it when I’m moving and everything feels good. I feel as if I could keep going and never stop. And when it feels good, I sometimes think I won’t ever stop…




  1. I would think that regularly by the ocean would be inspiring. I definitely miss that from the years we were in Vancouver, but that was 20 years ago. I love going back there to run by the water.

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