Crawling Is Better Than Not Moving At All…

Last week three very negative things happened. First, the company I work for moved across the bay. No more walking to work. No more nice walks at lunch. No more quick trips to Trader Joe’s or the gym after work. In fact, I now have to shell out $136 per month in commuting costs. Secondly, my favorite team, the New York Rangers lost in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the last thing, I got a very bad cold for the first time in over a year.

I did go on my first run in over a week last night. It was only two miles, and really hard, especially when my throat got dry it started to hurt. But it lifted my very down spirits just by running.

My life has been really difficult these past few weeks…a slow 2-mile run was all I could muster last night. And that was enough for me to feel better, to have a slightly better attitude.

I ran again tonight, this time for three miles. It was still difficult, but a teeny bit less so. I wore my hydration vest, so I brought water and throat lozenges with me. This was the first time I’ve ever run sucking on a lozenge, but it helped my sore throat for part of my run. I’m nearly over my cold, but when I breathe heavy my throat is still dry and hurts, so that helped a lot. Other than that, the run was good.

I’ve been sidelined long enough; I can’t allow sickness to take me out of my training any longer.

Financially, I’m strapped in a bad way and until I find a better paying position things will be harsh for a while. I really have to find a way to pay for my entry into the California International Marathon this December. And somehow a trip to Florida next year looks unfeasible at the moment. But, hopefully things will get better. At least I’m running again.



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