Month: April 2015

Not Enough Time in a Lifetime

View from Coit Tower

View from Coit Tower

This is certainly not an excuse but there are a few reasons why I haven’t been able to write in here for a while. I have been so very busy!

And it is all good things. First my studying for the Personal Trainer’s exam is going well. But it is really tough! There is so much to learn in a short time and it’s all science. With my leg feeling much better, my workouts are ramping up. I’m doing a whole lot more stretching, strength work along with my running. I’m teaching beginning runners as well, plus trying new sports, including kickboxing, yoga and weight lifting.

The weight is coming off and I’m losing inches. I’ve been eating much healthier, very little white flour or white sugar, with less whole wheat flour; I hardly ever have bread or pasta anymore. In fact, I had a chicken sandwich tonight for the first time in more than a week and it felt like a real treat. Vegetables and healthier proteins have replaced all the wheat products and I have much more energy. And maybe it’s just old age creeping up on me, but dairy hasn’t been feeling too great for me as of late, so I’ve cut back on that as well, replacing much of it with coconut milk and in other healthy ways that I can.

But I will be blogging more. And I will be adding more health-related information, including recipes, reviews, and anything else that may pique interest.

Tonight, I ran up the Filbert Steps to Coit Tower for the second week in a row. It’s really hard and I huffed and puffed most of the way. But I did do better than I had last week and that’s not a bad thing.

Wednesday has me going for my first deadlift session. I’ll tell you all about it!



Coit Tower run 4-28-15

I Took The Plunge….

I turned 56 this past February. It was momentous only because I knew it was now or never that I make big changes in my life’s path. I haven’t been happy with the way my “career” – or whatever my day job is, has been going. I haven’t been happy with my work for a very long time and unlike how the many negative people around me feel, I can change the direction of my life, even at my age, and do something that makes me happy, that fulfills me.

Instead of working endlessly in an office where I do nothing that matters to anyone without getting any credit for anything, I want to work in physical fitness. I want to be a Personal Trainer. And I don’t just want to work in a gym somewhere. I would like to work with seniors and help them live better lives. I would really like to help seniors have healthier and happier lives by becoming more active, move more, and be show them how much better their lives can be.

But it’s a scary thing, this whole life change deal…. I’m very afraid. I’m in decent shape myself, I do need to lose a few pounds, so I don’t look like much of a trainer. There is a live group session next weekend and I know I’ll be the oldest one there and probably the only one who doesn’t look like an athlete. HAHA! I’ll just have to amaze them by showing that I’m in better shape than they think. (And I am.)

And when I get my Personal Trainers Certificate? What then? How do I get a job? I have no clue. I have sent an email to a volunteer organization in San Francisco to see if I can work with seniors once a week. That can help me get a foot in the door and maybe make some contacts.

I’m excited, nervous, scared and freaked out. But I guess that’s normal…. yoga today helped calm me down a bit. I’m going to need that, a lot in the upcoming weeks.


The box from NASM

The box from NASM