Or maybe I could have titled this Reoccurring Annoyance, which is probably more accurate.

As most of you already know, I’ve had problems with my right leg, namely, my IT band and knee. It hasn’t gone away, but it’s gotten better than it was. It still bothers me at times, usually after a hard hill run or tough weight workout, but it is livable.

I credit this to a couple different actions I have taken.


Although I sometimes forget, I do try to roll out my legs twice a day. This helps a lot.

I also use a ROLLER BALL that I take nearly everywhere with me. I love this little gem.

My Roller Ball

My Roller Ball

After reading about how band work can help strengthen leg muscles, I use bands to do a few different exercises. I do these at least three times a week. There are four different ones I do.


I do four different exercises with elastic bands. Here are pictures for two of the four and I’ll describe the other two.


This first one, start with the band around the ankles and slowly bring the top leg up, hold for a second and bring it back down. Do three sets of ten, each leg.

The second exercise is the Clamshell. Still laying on one side, have the legs bent, with the band around the legs, just above the knees. Bring the top leg up, with the bottom leg still, as a clam shell, holding for a second. Do three sets of ten each, both sides.

The last two are standing and are more difficult than they sound. The first, as pictured below, with the band around the ankles.


With the band around your ankles walk sideways in small steps ten steps, three sets each way, being careful not to fall. After three sets, it will feel hard, trust me.

The last band exercise I do is standing with the band around the legs, above the knees. Walk sideways the same way as before, ten steps, three sets each side.

I do these 3-4 times a week. It helps making the area around my IT band muscles stronger.



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