Cross Train for Better Running

One of the many reasons why triathlons have become so popular is that it forces the athletes to cross train. We runners can be very narrow-minded when it comes to training and that can really hurt us in the long run. It did me. Switching it up has helped me with my ongoing IT band problems.

This week was crazy busy. I had a running session with a client, kickboxing, yoga, gym visits and managed to get in a couple runs of my own.

This was my first experience with kickboxing and I love it! It was quite the workout too. It worked all the muscles in my body, including many of the leg and core muscles I needed to get stronger and the instructor made it really fun. It was outside along the bay with beautiful weather. I’ll take pictures next time. It was a small group, three students with the one instructor. The course focused on how to kick and punch and then how to do them in sequence. There were also warm-up exercises and cool down ones. In between we had a group of round robin ones that were really fun. As soon as I got home, I signed up for next week’s session. I can’t wait.

After work last night, I ran a couple miles of hills. I’m up of practice and struggled. It was hard and I remembered back when running up Hyde Street wasn’t so difficult. It will take some time for my lungs and legs not to scream at me to stop.

This morning, I woke up early and went to the YMCA. I focused on upper body weight work and leg weight work, doing a bit of stretching but saving most of that for my yoga session later.

On my way to yoga, I stopped for coffee and could feel my muscles tightening from this week’s workouts. I do enjoy that feeling! My yoga session was one-on-one with the instructor. I really liked that because we worked on the group of muscles that I need to get stronger. The Yogi gave me many good poses, altering some of them due to my lack of flexibility. We practiced in Golden Gate Park near the Conservatory of Flowers. It was warm and sunny out, feeling more like summer than winter.  Like my kickboxing class, as soon as was able to, I signed up for next weekend’s class. This is so good for me!

Tomorrow is the Vint group run, which is always fun!



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