Mind Over Matter

Today was the Vint group run. Last Sunday it was pouring rain and completely miserable. This week, it’s been beautiful weather, with this morning being no exception. Sometimes group runs make me feel very self conscious because I’m not a fast runner. I can run for a long time, but speed has never been my forte. The Vint group is really nice but the leaders sometimes forget that not everyone runs 8 minute miles.

The rainy Sunday run is the perfect example. No one from the group I lead (the 10K runners) showed up, so the Half Marathon group (who are faster runners for some reason) offered to have me run with them. I wasn’t going to do it, and probably shouldn’t have, but they promised to go slower. It was still too fast for me.

Speed has nothing to do with how long you run. You can still run halfs and full marathons if you run slowly. I said that in my last entry, but it’s worth repeating.

When this morning came around, I thought about not going and instead going for a run on my own. I miss my long Sunday runs. It seems like so long ago when I did them. But, I lived up to my responsibility and headed to the Embarcadero.

The 10K group was small and the other lead started out a pace. It felt okay. It was a little fast, so I did my best to keep up. After a mile we stopped and stretched and we saw that we were running 9:30 minute miles, way faster than I was used to. It was a good fast first mile, but I knew I could never keep that pace up. So, for the rest of the 3 miles, I slowed down just a little bit and I still finished the run a minute per mile faster than usual.

For three miles it was an alright pace. I didn’t mind going a bit faster, it was mind over matter getting in a nice paced run, but anything longer, I would need to start out much slower than that. Next week, no matter what pace everyone starts out at, I will go slower, even if I’m by myself.


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