A Mile at Five Minutes Or Fifteen Is Still a Mile

Running is a sport for all kinds of people. Old, young, tall, short, heavier and thinner can all enjoy the sport of running. With the huge diversity of runners, there is bound to be a wide variety of running speeds. Some runners are rabbits and some are turtles, and that’s what makes running great! Not all runners are going to be rabbits!

I get a bit cranky when I hear some trying to put limits on running half marathons and full marathons. With the exception of the Boston Marathon and specified time limits, even if you run slowly, you can still run a marathon and run it well. You do NOT have to run a mile in 9 minutes to run a marathon or run a mile in 10 minutes to run a half marathon, though I’ve heard those limits from others recently.

I don’t know where they come from, but they are out there. No wonder some runners feel bad about being slow. Don’t feel bad, just run. Be a turtle; embrace running! So you’re slow! Who cares? If you enjoy running, then run, slow or not, you’re still running. If you want to get faster you can attempt to do so, carefully, by doing some interval work ONCE a week, no more, please!

But it’s not necessary. Remember, running is a lifelong venture and it’s not who wins each race that counts.



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