Want to Feel Better About Your Runs? Teach Someone Else to Run

Post Run Stretching

Post Run Stretching

Some days and sometimes weeks, are harder than others. 2015 has started out with some rough edges. I’m still having problems with my right leg, and certain things in my personal life have not been going the way I wish them to go.

In fact, if I run for too long, or too many times a week, my leg was becoming quite painful. I know the smart thing to do would be to stop running altogether, but maybe I’m not that smart. So, I’ve slowed down, decreased my mileage and got a better knee brace. All of which have helped.

This morning was the Vint free training meet-up. Vint is sponsoring training runs for a 10K, Half Marathon, or Marathon. It’s a nice way to be in a group of like-minded runners and get some advice and help and maybe see if Vint would be good to sign up for more personal instruction.

It was cold when I headed out. I was nervous and hesitant. I wanted to run strong and be a good leader and instructor. I didn’t want to have problems or not be able to do what I promised to do.

Much to my relief and happiness, everything went well. I ran with the 10K group and stayed with the slowest runner, promising to stick with whoever was in the back. It was a great run. The runner I ran the 2.5 miles with said he had always felt uncomfortable running because he didn’t know how to pace himself and always felt tired so quickly. He had been working out to the Insanity program, so his lungs and legs were strong. We ran slowly; 5 minutes at a time with a 1 minute walk in between. We did 6 sets of these, which was the perfect amount for the first time out.

After the run, everyone participating had a great time and we all enjoyed water and Clif Blocks. Since we were near the Ferry Building, some of us headed to Blue Bottle for delicious coffee.

I can’t wait for next Sunday!


Some of the 10K group

Some of the 10K group


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