Month: December 2014


So, I’m spending New Year’s Eve at home, as I usually do. I’m not a fan of NYE celebrations; I don’t enjoy being around drunk people, especially masses of them, and I before I was injured, I wanted to go for a run on New Year’s Day. Instead of that, I’ll enjoy my morning, do some reading, stretching and watch hockey. Not a bad way to spend the morning.

I bought a bottle of Trader Joe’s Sparkling Wine Chardonnay Grape Juice to open for the occasion, but I couldn’t get it open. In my drinking days, I opened hundreds of champagne bottles, but I could not get this one uncorked.

So, I looked at this unopened bottle as the past year. There are lots of good things and great moments, but the best is yet to come.

2014 has been a year of hard work, disappointments, proud achievements, frustrations, amazingly wonderful surprises and through it all there were the people I truly care about: my family, my friends, my foam roller and my new friend, the roller ball.

The Holiday Season was difficult for me this year. It was a little lonely and also hard because of my lack of finances but once Christmas Day was here and being with my friends everything was right again. When it comes to Christmas, the best thing is to enjoy yourself as best as you can and ignore everything else. Ignore all those boasting about what presents they got, or where they’re going or anything else that you wish you could have or do. Just enjoy what you already have.

And that’s exactly where I continue my journey in 2015…enjoy what I have already, PLUS open that bottle!

This past year was about setting the foundation. The upcoming year is about setting and finishing the first floor.

My workouts will take center stage. Weight control is of prime importance and once I can start running again, I will add on the miles and be back in business. Until then, I need to get my core, legs and arms strong.

Attitude is another area I will be working on. Many times I defeat myself by being so self-judgmental. If I recognize those self doubts when they rear their ugly head, I can stop them. And if I can do that, my attitudes towards everything will improve.

For 2015, my fitness goals are:

  • Run 1 half marathon and 1 marathon
  • Lose weight
  • Obtain my Personal Trainer Certificate
  • Be more positive in my thinking

Enjoy your New Year. I just know 2015 is going to rock!



No Running This Christmas

It’s been a bit of time since my last entry. These past few weeks haven’t been the easiest. I’ve been on the mends; my IT band problems are getting better, although I’m not at 100% yet. So, as of this blog entry, I’m not running.

Christmas this year was fun, I spent it with friends. It was nice and quiet. I’ve been sharing Christmas with this great group for years now and it’s something I really look forward to. But no running for this girl. My last run resulted in some not-so-fun IT band pain that told me if I did NOT stop and take some real healing time off running I’d have bigger and worse issues to deal with.

In fact, I took a few days nearly completely off, as walking was difficult without feeling pain. I kept doing my elastic band stretches and rolling though, and now I’m dragging myself back to the gym. It’s not easy going right now, but it is definitely worth it.

I’m going to take a trial run on Sunday and the minute I feel any discomfort I’ll stop and go home. I will not push myself too far or do anything stupid, but I have to keep trying.


I’m dealing with “issues” concerning my ongoing IT band/knee/hip problem. It started out a few months ago as that dreaded knee pain every runner dreads. I got it checked out and the orthopedist said it was because my thighs and core weren’t strong enough. So, I’ve been working really hard at the YMCA with specific exercises to get that area stronger.

So, that helped with the knee pain; it went away for the most part, only occurring if I did a particularly tough run or hard workout.

But then, I started getting tightness in the right IT band above that knee. And this part Friday while walking home from the gym, the pain in my IT band was especially bad.

Now I’m realizing that it is my hip that needs to be stronger. So, I have to do a few things. I have to do more strengthening and stretching of that part of my body AND I need to cut back my running to three days a week. Obviously four days is too much right now.

I feel like I’ve been doing everything right; I’m focused on my posture, my running form, trying not to run too quickly or too far too soon, but I need to get my body stronger to run more frequently. Maybe it’s age, I don’t know. I’m not weak, but I’m asking too much out of my poor legs right now.

I’m not a patient person. But to do the thing i love doing more than anything else in this whole world, I will need patience.

I take a deep breath, ask for the patience I need, gather all the information I can about hip strengthening and prepare myself to get this old body feeling better and ready for running.