San Francisco Turkey Trail Trot 2014

The Turkey Delights the Kids

The Turkey Delights the Kids

This was the second time I ran the SF 5-mile Turkey Trail Trot. I was looking forward to it for a long time, as last year’s race was great fun. Everything benefits the Lowell High School track team, so the team volunteers, alumni show up and even the Lowell High marching band performs.

I PR’d by about 3 minutes although it would have been more had I not had to take a bathroom break along the course.

It was cold and clear yesterday morning. The race is limited to a small number of runners, but the place was packed by start time. Before the main event, there’s some kids races, which are really fun to watch. Equally are entertaining are the kids’ reactions to the Turkey, who walks around getting pictures with everyone, including Yours Truly.

The race itself is done on the trails and grass of Golden Gate Park. It starts at the Polo Fields and winds around the dirt paths of the park. And it is FAST! The fastest running clocked in at 28:18!!

But it being San Francisco, doesn’t mean the runners aren’t just great runners, they’re also into costumes. Lots of turkeys, pilgrims, Native Americans and foods of every sort, including pies, vegetables and yes BACON!

There were lots of goodies given away a the race as well, and the t-shirt is cool.

The only suggestion I could make to the race directors to make it even better is to not give away all the food goodies until after the race. Much of the food giveaways were given before the race even started to those of us who aren’t jackrabbits didn’t get anything when we crossed the finish line. Luckily, I avoided this with some of the stuff by foreseeing ahead and stowing some things in my bag. But I really shouldn’t have to do this. The goody samples should be for everyone once the race is done. But that’s the only complain I have and it’s a small one. Everything else is so well coordinated and organized. I’m very happy about this year’s race.

It’s always loads of fun for the entire family. Outside of the race, I especially love the raffle after the awards are given away. I won a DVD copy of the movie Elf, but I gave it to a guy who was more than happy to have it.

I can’t wait until next year!


PS: I need to congratulate my friend Steve Snyder for coming in third is his age division! Keep crushing it, Steve!

Beautiful Sunrise

Beautiful Sunrise


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