A New Gig

A while ago I was approached on Twitter by Samantha from the start-up company Vint. They’re only about a year old out of Stockholm Sweden and have one location here in San Francisco. They offer workouts via their phone app for people who in turn pay for each workout much like someone would pay through AirBnB. It’s a terrific idea.

Samantha talked to me about doing a beginning runners course. At that time I was just getting over my knee injury so I wasn’t in any condition to be coaching or running, but as soon as I was healthy, I talked more about it with her and here I am, with sessions ready and waiting for customers to sign up.

I’m excited and nervous; I’ve never done anything like this before. They’ve given me some great guidelines and will help me through a test class. I’ve been to one of their workout classes with a great instructor. Their instructors are so nice and knowledgeable; Samantha knows how to attract the best people for Vint! I’m ready to start Monday and I’ll be promoting my running classes in the coming weeks.

I promised my friends I wouldn’t keep pushing it on them; I know they get tired of hearing about it. But I really can’t wait to get going. I’ll write more about them after my first class!

For more information about Vint, visit: http://www.joinvint.com




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