Sunday Mornings Are the BEST!

My life these days is fairly predictable. Whether it’s during the week or the weekend, things don’t change that much in my routine outside of work. I’m focused on running and training and healthy eating and all around healthy living and combined with saving money (or trying to) for my new York vacation next year, I don’t have enough funds to go out and do lots of extra things on the weekends anyway.

This morning the alarm went off at 6am. I had a 5-miler and I charted out a course through Golden Gate Park. Today was the very first morning of the season when it felt “chilly”. At 56 degrees, I know it’s not cold to many folks around the country, but for us in the Bay Area at this time of year, it’s cooler than we’re used to. From now until through February, the weather will get colder, reaching the coldest in December.

An Unkindness of Ravens

An Unkindness of Ravens

It was lovely running weather. The skies, even at the park, were a pure blue and at 9am, there were lots of runners, cyclists and others out enjoying the morning. My run felt really good. I started at the Panhandle and went up JFK Drive to Transverse, then cut through to Middle Dr and took a few dirt paths to MLK Dr out to Ocean Beach.

The wind ripped past me at the ocean’s edge. No surfers out today and very few people near the water. It was just too windy to enjoy.

I finished off my run with a blueberry bagel from Safeway and waited for the MUNI bus home.


Cold morning at the beach!

Cold morning at the beach!


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