Pay No Attention to the Shouting Runner….

I love sports and to be more precinct, I love hockey. I’m a big New York Rangers fan. Since we don’t have an NHL team here in San Francisco, I started following the Rangers years ago. I tried to follow the San Jose Sharks, but I never took to them. San Jose is worlds away; might as well be Los Angeles to me. So, the Rangers grew to be my team. The nearly won everything last year, and I’m excited to see what they can do this season.

Even more exciting, I’m traveling to New York this upcoming February, so I’m saving up my dollars to go. I already have my airline tickets, game tickets and hotel reservations. Stoked!

Tonight the Rangers played one of their dreaded rivals the Long Island Islanders, otherwise known as the Fish Sticks, which refers back to the stupid logo the team used to have that looked like the Gorton’s fisherman. I went out for my run after work when the Second Intermission started.

Tonight was the first visible night of Fall. The wind was blowing stronger than ever before and the air had a welcomed chill, especially after the heat of this past weekend. It felt good to run. My body felt good and even though I was doing a demanding hill run, it was a great run.

The Rangers were doing good. The score was tied, but the team was on top of things. And then… of the rookies blew it and then it all went to hell. The Rangers lost to Long Island 6-3. I was shouting at this certain player during the last half mile of my run louder than I had meant to. Fortunately, few people pay attention to anyone shouting in San Francisco. That alone says a lot about what type of city we have. We have enough crazy homeless people everywhere that someone shouting doesn’t cause anyone to even look up.

The last few blocks were all downhill and I was traveling faster than I had ever realized. It it felt so good! My legs were light and strong, I was bounding down the steep sidewalk like nothing could stop me. Even though the game went into the garbage, my run was pretty awesome. So, I guess taking my frustration out on the pavement in an excellent run is much better than throwing my TV out the window. Wouldn’t you say?



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