A Complete Week

It was a good week’s work. It may not seem like a big deal, but getting one week’s worth of workouts done in a pretty big deal for me right now.

With the exception of some expected soreness, I feel good. My knee is doing great. I took it smart, didn’t push myself too hard, but I did push myself.

Monday I hit the YMCA after work, getting in a good session of floor work that included Yoga moves, back stretches, squats, planks, and the like, as well as leg presses and a complete set of all the arm lifts and reps I do now.

Tuesday – 2 miles.

Wednesday, no workout, but I did walk 5 miles throughout the day.

Thursday – ran 2 miles.

Friday – rest day.

Saturday – Another day at the gym – strength and core training.

Sunday – 3 mile run.

I’m taking it slow to get back into it the right way. I want my entire body to be good, as I want to continue my running life well on in the future. It feels great.

Tomorrow night, pre-season hockey starts and the Rangers have their first game, so it’s a rest night. I’ll workout the rest of the week, however and let you know how it goes.



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