Almost Back…

I miss running something awful. It’s been a month since I stopped running due to my knee and I’m supposed to be able to start running soon. My knee still hurts off and on, but I’m going to try running, slowly and briefly this week. I have the week off work, so I’m taking a Staycation, so I think it’s a good time to go out on a couple short runs. 

I will also get some time in the gym. I’ll concentrate on strength training, ab and hip work. 

I’m also going to have fun during my week off work. Having fun can include being active and maybe not eating like a all the time. We shall see. At any rate, I’ll set a good foundation for getting back on schedule when I get back into the workweek. 

And yes, I will be writing more now. 



  1. Cycling is a low impact sport that could help improve your knee issues! After having issues with my knees from doing distance running, I rode my bike to strengthen the muscles around my knees. Since then, I’ve had far less issues!

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