Month: September 2014

It’s Not Just the WorkOuts

Now that I’m back at about 85% physical capability, I’m increasing my workout intensity and enjoying my runs much more. I look forward to every workout, as I did this past weekend.

Saturday morning, I woke at 6:00am and headed to the near-empty gym with some coffee and a light breakfast in my system. I spent 40 minutes working on my back, IT Bands, core, thighs, shoulders and arms. Afterwards, I was tired, but still headed to the Ferry Building Farmers Market. I had an 8 ounce pure coconut water as nourishment afterwards before my usual Blue Bottle coffee. I skipped the calorie-laden pastries, but oh, I so wanted one! Instead, I enjoyed a luscious, juicy apple I bought, just picked the day before.

Sunday morning I went for my long run, which right now is only 3 miles, but it was 3 miles pain free. I could never have said that a month ago. Ever when I ran the Giants’ race at the beginning of September, I felt a bit of knee pain after the third mile, so this was a very good 3-mile run.

Along with increasing my mileage and getting my core and muscles stronger, I also have to work on losing weight. This is probably the hardest part of the equation. One reason I know why my knees took so much pounding was the extra weight I’m carrying. It isn’t a giant amount. I’m about 26 pounds over what I should be, but that’s enough to make a difference.

There’s a constant battle between my appetite and what I should/must/need to eat. When one is young, it’s much easier to get away with that burger, or a double scoop of ice cream, or an imported chocolate bar every so often, but when one turns 50, it isn’t so easy to “live a little” or have something special. I ate a bit too much this weekend and because of it, didn’t lose a pound. Now, I know it’s not all about losing weight, but it IS part of it, and the weight on the scale is too high. Let’s be real.

So, along with working out, getting my runs in and paying attention to everything else, I need to be more vigilant about my diet. This all works towards my goal and I can’t lose sight of it.


farmers market 9-27-14

Farmers Market Goodies


I’m the Luckiest Person in the World!

At least that was my feelings tonight after a really nice run. The happiness and gratitude I’m experiencing now that I can run after being off the road for a month is sheer joy.

Sure, things in my life are not ideal. There’s a lot I am working on changing or dealing with if I cannot change, but that doesn’t matter right in this very moment, because I RAN. All is right with the world because I RAN.

All of you who have sat in your seat, had a big, cool glass of water and smiled after a great run know the enormous contentment and feelings of accomplishment I am feeling. Relish in it. No, take a big belly flop in it! You earned it! RUN. For that is what we do.


A Complete Week

It was a good week’s work. It may not seem like a big deal, but getting one week’s worth of workouts done in a pretty big deal for me right now.

With the exception of some expected soreness, I feel good. My knee is doing great. I took it smart, didn’t push myself too hard, but I did push myself.

Monday I hit the YMCA after work, getting in a good session of floor work that included Yoga moves, back stretches, squats, planks, and the like, as well as leg presses and a complete set of all the arm lifts and reps I do now.

Tuesday – 2 miles.

Wednesday, no workout, but I did walk 5 miles throughout the day.

Thursday – ran 2 miles.

Friday – rest day.

Saturday – Another day at the gym – strength and core training.

Sunday – 3 mile run.

I’m taking it slow to get back into it the right way. I want my entire body to be good, as I want to continue my running life well on in the future. It feels great.

Tomorrow night, pre-season hockey starts and the Rangers have their first game, so it’s a rest night. I’ll workout the rest of the week, however and let you know how it goes.


Run, Run, Run

I can’t tell you how AMAZING (!!!) it feels to run again! My mileage is still really low since I’m only doing 2-mile runs, but after not running for a month, just being out there doing what I love the most is truly a blessing.

The saying we don’t know what we have until it’s gone have proven to be very accurate for me and I can never take my runs for granted. Over the years I’ve been a runner, I’ve only had a couple injuries and I want to keep it that way. I can’t say that my knee is 100% back, but it feels better than it did and it felt great after my short run last night. In fact, it felt great all day today. And, BONUS….no pain last night!

Today was a rest day, but last night I’ll be back at it getting another run in after work and then on to a Tech in Motion event I’ll write about Friday.

I also may have a very cool opportunity I’ll telly you about in an upcoming blog, but more about that soon.




After race crowd in AT&T

After race crowd in AT&T

When that lightbulb goes off in our heads, we don’t plan it; we have no idea where we will be or what we’ll be doing, it just happens. I’m sure when the great prophets in history received their revelations they didn’t happen in convenient or comfortable places, they happened in the most difficult times.

Mine happened today in a porto-potty. That’s right, as I was re-adjusting my running belt and making sure there was no toilet paper stuck to my shoes, I suddenly thought of something so profound, that it made things so clear to me for the first time in a very long time.

As I stepped out of that smelly and dank capsule and suddenly realized and KNEW that I no longer want to just “exist”. I’m tired of thinking how my life will be once I’m thin, or have more money, or have a better job or…… fill in the blank.

It’s time to enjoy my life AT IT IS. Not “enjoy it as soon as I have this” or “enjoy it as soon as it’s the weekend” or “enjoy it if only this or that happened”. Even if there doesn’t seem to be anything positive, I will find something positive and if I can’t at all, then I will make changes until I can.

Sure, this is easy writing down (actually it isn’t and it wasn’t easy thinking about today), and it won’t be easy putting into practice. There are some changes I must make in my life RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow, not in an hour from now, not next week, but right this very second I will change certain things.

One of the changes I must make RIGHT NOW is to stop putting myself down. Even small things like “I didn’t run fast” or “I don’t look good in that picture.” WHO CARES??? I need to that I can run or I should focus on the features of myself I do like. I must steer clear of being negative about others. I must stop trying to correct people. I’ve been working on this, but sometimes I get a stubborn streak and if someone annoys me, I feel the urge to want to show them up in some way. I don’t know why I do this, but I do. I will work on ending this, and if not ending this, than being more aware of when and why I do this. I know it annoys others and it isn’t doing anything to make me feel better either.

There are a few other things, but I’ll write about those in a day or two. This is a lot to work on right now.

There’s a song by Switchfoot that I really like called “Thrive”. I love listening to it when I run because it really gives me inspiration. Like the singer, I want to Thrive. I know it’s also used in ads by a certain hospital system, but it really says what I want to do. I want to do more than merely live.

Lou Seal is on the medal

Lou Seal is on the medal


My 5K went well today. I had planned on running the Half Marathon but couldn’t do it because of my knee injury. The Giants race organizers were so helpful and kind switching me over to the 5K. At first I felt bad for not running the 13.1 race, but after getting into the mood of the pre-race and seeing all the excited and happy running Giants fans, it was hard to feel bad about anything.

It had been cold during the morning, but then the sun broke through and turned into a beautiful day. The 5K didn’t start until 10:50am and got there way too early. I went and grabbed a cup of Philz coffee and some water while I waited.

I ran a nice, slow easy pace. I hadn’t run for a month, so, my pacing wasn’t up to what it was previously. I also wanted to go slow to make sure my knee was feeling all right. It felt fine through the first two miles. Surprisingly in a good way, my knee felt fine through most of the race. It wasn’t until the start of the Mile 3 when I started feeling some pain and that didn’t last too long. When it started to hurt, I stopped running and walked for a couple minutes. In fact, the race was over before I thought it would be, making me feel pretty hopeful that I should be running regularly again soon.

Now I have to focus on two things to get back into running properly: 1) lose weight to take some pressure off my knees and 2) go to the YMCA three times a week to do weight training/ core work and stretch out my IT Bands.

The race was organized pretty well. It wasn’t the best organized race I’ve been to, but it certainly wasn’t the worst (I’m looking at you Mermaid). Race announcers/motivators, whatever they call them, should on the whole, do a better job in telling walkers to stay on the right and leave the left side of the course for runners. There were many spots on the course where it was quite narrow and with walkers going three in a row (why oh why do they do that???) it was hard motivating around them.

The starting corrals had the longest wait times in between starting. I think we waiting in #3 10 minutes to start after #2 did.

Strollers have long the bane of races. I’ve gotten used to single strollers, but double strollers? Come on, stay at the back of the race. I’m sorry if you’re a fast runner but your double wide stroller clogs up the course.

After the end of the race, there wasn’t any direction towards the food giveaways. I missed it entirely and have to beg an usher to let me back on the field, which he did. Thank you for that.

It was a great day to spend with my big Giants family. Now let’s sweep Detroit tonight!

Almost Back…

I miss running something awful. It’s been a month since I stopped running due to my knee and I’m supposed to be able to start running soon. My knee still hurts off and on, but I’m going to try running, slowly and briefly this week. I have the week off work, so I’m taking a Staycation, so I think it’s a good time to go out on a couple short runs. 

I will also get some time in the gym. I’ll concentrate on strength training, ab and hip work. 

I’m also going to have fun during my week off work. Having fun can include being active and maybe not eating like a all the time. We shall see. At any rate, I’ll set a good foundation for getting back on schedule when I get back into the workweek. 

And yes, I will be writing more now.