Getting Back….

It’s not easy coming back from an injury or a forced time off. I was in Go Mode getting ready for The Giants Step, the San Francisco Giants baseball team annual Half Marathon/10K/5K. Training was going well, my runs were getting longer and I was feeling fine. 

But during a 6-miler, my right knee started hurting very badly about 3.5 miles in. I kept going and finished the run. but not without a lot of pain and walking rests. The next week I was in pain. I got a brace for my knee and took a second week off, hoping it would feel better. 

Unfortunately, after a trial 2-mile run, my knee still hurt. I went to the Orthopedic doctor after another two weeks. He said that my knees were OK and that they hurt because my IT Bands, thighs and core wasn’t strong enough. He gave me some strengthening work to do, as well as walked me to the physical therapy department of the hospital. They worked with me a little and gave me a set of exercises that should help make the areas stronger. The doctor also said I should be able to run again in 4 to 6 weeks, which is just about the date of the Giants Step Race. 

I felt quite relieved. I switched my race to the 5K. I can handle running/walking for 3.1 miles. 

So, I’ve been working at the YMCA, getting my upper body, core and thighs in order. My knee doesn’t hurt much now, which is good. I had a pretty good workout last night, so it was a tad sore this morning. The brace helps when it’s like that, but most of the time, i go without it. 

I’m also starting a Pilates class tomorrow night. I think that will help as well. 

It certainly feels better being active again! 


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