Extreme Positivity

I have to be honest, because I know no other way. But sometimes the way some runners encourage other runners scares me. 

Let me explain….

If a runner had a difficult run, let’s say they felt bad pain, or got sick or something similar during a run, when clearly, they probably should have (for their own good), stopped the run, turned around and gone home, yet, they chose to continue the run, either from sheer stubbornness or not knowing what else to do, when telling their stories to other runners in a Facebook running group, most, if not all members will give them nothing but great encouragement. 

Let’s say a runner is sick but he has a race coming up very soon and still wants to run it. Most, if not all other runners will encourage him to still run the race, rather than get well, even if it means the race may lead to a secondary infection or worse. 

This constant, non-thinking, dogged cheerleading in running drives me crazy! Yes, I too want everyone to do well all the time, but this isn’t possible. I am a realist. If someone has, let’s say an ear infection, as someone told me they have, and yet they also have a triathlon coming up very soon, why in the world would they risk it by continuing to race? So, they want to get into ocean water and risk losing their hearing for a race they could participate in next year??? I don’t get it. 

We Weekend Warriors sometimes don’t think before we leap. If you know you are slightly injured, take care of it before it gets really bad. If you’re sick, get well before you compete.

I myself, have been having slight knee pain, so I’ve scaled my running way back to deal with it. Do I like it, Heck no! I want to run. So, I’ll go out tomorrow, run 2 miles and see how it feels. 

Please understand, I’m not saying don’t encourage your running friends. By all means, cheer them, give them all your support, but give them the truth when necessary, in a kind and gentle manner. They won’t hear what they need to hear from strangers. Sometimes the best things to hear isn’t what we want to hear. We need to hear what’s real not what’s pretend. 


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