Unplanned Rest Day

Yesterday during my long run of six miles, my left knee started hurting after 3.5 miles. I had had slight knee pain before with that knee, but usually only while sleeping, after very long runs, or after intense weight workouts. This was the first time I felt pain during a run. It came and went during the run, so fortunately didn’t happen the whole time, so I was able to finish the distance.

But, I decided it was best to take the night off my spin class. I’m disappointed because I love my Monday Spin class. I’ll go to the Wednesday one instead. It’s a different instructor, so I’ll see how that one is.

I’m also going to run my usual two miles tomorrow, but with my knee brace on. I’ve been wearing it more and more, especially at night. It feels so much better sleeping with it that I wore it all day at work today.

I’m building up to my Half in September and I’m worried that my knee will get worse. So, for now I’m’ cutting my runs back down to three a week. I’ll keep doing my strength sessions and spin classes and stick with the brace.

I’ll check back soon.


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