See Krista Run 5K

The skies were relatively clear for my race last night. It was windy, though, as it usually is in China Basin, with few trees along the water to block to gusts. I was both nervous and excited as I rode Lightrail N down to Mission Bay Resort, hoping that I wouldn’t be the slowest runner there.

View of the SF Bay from Mission Rock

View of the SF Bay from Mission Rock

 I signed in and got my bib. I took a seat on the back balcony which was protected from the wind and have a nice view of the southside of the San Francisco waterfront. I had been to this place once a long time ago, but I don’t remember it well. It was nice meeting some of the other runners. Everyone was fun to talk to.

The City Beer Runs happen once a month, or thereabouts. This one was a fundraiser to help out a runner who through a bad infection lost her arm and her leg. It was the least we runners could do. There was no showy bling, no t-shirt, but everyone got a free beer at the end and the chance to help someone get closer to running again, which to me, means much more.

“See Krista Run” was the race’s official name, and it included a raffle and silent auction for things like yoga instruction and massages afterwards.

Here’s the Facebook page that will give more information about it:

The course was flat and fast. It started and ended at Mission Rock, going up the course of the Bay, along Third St, over the Third Street Bridge, past AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, up the Embarcadero and back down.

I started slow, the way I usually start races. Most people pass me up when a race starts. It used to bother me a lot until I realized that starting slow is not a bad thing to do. I kept a steady pace, finding my rhythm, breathing in time with my footsteps, going in a good pace, faster than my long run pace, but not fast enough to tire me out too quickly.

And then I felt good and knew I could keep this up for a while. It was then when I started passing up runners, runners who had started too fast out the gate. I passed up about nine total in the race. I was still more towards the back of the racing pack than the front, but I wasn’t last and for that, I was satisfied with my time, which was 33:05. Considering this was an evening race and my first 5K race since last fall, I’ll take it.

City Beer Runs is a great group of people, I’ll definitely be doing more runs with them. I want to thank Steve Snyder for inviting me and the ride home. I’ll see you at a race soon, Steve!

Unless I sign up for another race, my next race is the Giants Step Half September 7th and my running is gearing up!


Me and my friend Steve

Me and my friend Steve


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