New Week, New Goals

   I’ll admit that I was more disappointed than I thought over my finances a couple weeks ago. That’s why it was harder than ever to get back into workout mode, but I have this week. And I am so happy I did. I started running late last week and following my healthy eating plan this past Monday and feel better for it.

   Even though there’s no racing bike in my future, I have chosen to train for long distance races and next year go for the San Francisco Marathon!

   Before then, I have the (San Francisco) Giants Step Half in September. I also plan to sign up for: the Mermaid 10-miler in October (even though I vowed not to do another race with them again. I’m hoping the 10 mile race is long enough to get me away from all the walkers. I also plan to do the Hot Chocolate 15K in January and yes, the dreaded SF Rock & Roll half in late March. It didn’t kill me this year, so why not let it kill me next, right? But I figure it’s a great introduction into a marathon that’s known to be very hard and filled with lots of hills.

   So instead of the challenge of a three-sport race, I’ll go for more miles, more running and see if I can overcome the boredom of the long run.

   This week has been a great start. Sunday was a 6-mile run. It felt good, even with a slight migraine attack in the middle of it. I was able to run through it and rewarded myself with a cool shower afterwards. Monday is spin class, which I love, love, love, and Tuesday I had a training session with one of the trainers at the Y to help give me some exercises to strengthen on thighs and core so my knees don’t get all the brunt of my runs. Wednesday was a rest day because I have a 5K race after work today.

   This will be my first midweek race and my first evening race. I’m nervous, while looking forward to it. Wish me luck!


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