Month: June 2014

Catch Up and an Idea Spawned

I’m back into my workout routine now. I’m back into my newly revised workout routine. No more triathlon training. Now, the major focus will be on distance running, although I will not completely abandon cycling and swimming. I love them too much to do that. 

But, the price of a racing bike is too much for me, so it will have to wait for a while as I train for at least one or two halfs and then a whole marathon sometime in 2015. 

I got back into my training Friday with a great 2-mile tempo run. It felt so good to be out running in warm weather. i do love warm weather workouts. The sweat pours out and it feels like I’m ridding my body of the toxins of the day. 

Saturday morning I had a dentist appointment so I didn’t make it to the gym until that afternoon, which actually turned out to be a great time to go. I completed a great weight and core session and finished it with some time on the cycle. 

I got my long run in Sunday morning – 5 miles. It was warm out, but I really enjoyed myself. After my run, I stopped by Blue Bottle and relaxed with a great cup of coffee before heading home. 

Monday was a kick butt spin session. She really gives it to us and I love it! I come out of there knowing that I gave everything I had in those 45 minutes. “Remember why you’re here!!!” Anna, our instructor shouts. And I do, as I push hard! It’s one of my favorite workouts and when I can’t make it, I miss it. 

Tonight, a Tuesday, I just got done with 2 miles of hill work. Even though it’s been about three weeks since I’ve run 3-4 times a week regularly, I still feel stronger than I did on the hills. I haven’t lost anything. I know all the cross training I’ve been doing is really helping. All the weight and core work, the extra sleep, and the healthy eating is really helping. 

Now, about my eating. I’m getting back into eating right. I’m limiting my amounts, because I know it’s the only way I’ll shed this fat, I’ve stopped white flour and sugar (with the exception of once in a while treats), and no processed foods (as much as possible). I can’t say i’ll never have this stuff, because sometimes it happens, but in the normal course of my day, it’s not going to be there. 

Last week during my run, I was thinking to myself of an idea. I shrugged it off because it’s not something I have experience in. But the idea has been gnawing at me, whispering to me…so much so that today I made some notes and will continue to think about it some more and see if it’s even a possibility. 

It has everything to do with fitness and this blog, so I will let you know more later when I can. 

Tomorrow is swimming and weights day after work, I’m looking forward to getting some laps in the pool for the first time in a while. 


A Change of Goals

We’re always being told we can do whatever we want, we’re constantly being shown great motivational pictures telling us not to give up on our dreams. And I do believe that nearly any goal is possible if we work hard enough, no one ever bothers reading us the fine print in these bold statements.

There is always a cost. To reach one goal, we may have to give up another, or many others.

This became too apparent for me a few weeks ago when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to purchase the racing bike I so wanted this year. That’s not exactly true. I could buy it, if I gave up going to Giants games, forget about my New York vacation (AND seeing my NY Rangers) next year, and completely abandon having decent coffee in my life. But I’m not willing to do that. 

So, my goals for the next year have changed. I still want to pursue triathlons; they hold an appeal to me that nothing else does. But I live in the most expensive city in the US and I don’t make enough to save for a racing bike. It’s a depressing fact and I’ve been battling with it for a while…..

To keep me from being completely down, however, I’ve revised my goals and challenges. I’ve decided to run a full marathon. I ran one over 20 years ago, so it will be like running one for the first time. I’m nervous, scared and not sure, but I can run, I can afford the gear and it’s something I know. 

I’ll still keep my YMCA gym membership. I’ll still swim and spin; I love them too much to stop and eventually I will get my racing bike, just now in the near future. 


M.A.V. Won’t Stop Me

I have M.A.V. (Migraine Associated Vertigo). It’s a lesser known chronic condition caused by migraines. Rarely do I get the headaches, I get vertigo. Four years ago, it affected me so badly that I had to take time off work to find out what was wrong with me. They first thought I had Meniere’s, which has many of the same symptoms, but I wasn’t losing my hearing, so the specialist was able to ascertain is was indeed M.A.V.

After getting back to work and getting on the correct medications, I have it under control for 90% of the time. I can lead a good, normal life. But sometimes, the symptoms rise up, maybe once or twice a year and I have to deal with them.

M.A.V. is not life-threatening, but it makes life not a lot of fun. Everyone who has it suffers differently. Like migraines, it is personalized and not much is known about it. Without my meds, I would get vertigo so badly, I couldn’t stand up. I would be so sick for hours at a time, I would lie on the bathroom floor praying to make it back to bed. And the vertigo would hit whenever and wherever it felt like it. I could be out on the street, on a run, at work, no matter, and it would hit me. I would be sick in minutes. Along with vertigo, I would get extreme light-headedness, nausea without vertigo and dizziness without vertigo. It was a terrible, scary and also lonely time in my life. 

The week before last, I had the first vertigo attack I’ve had in over a year. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the ones I used to have, but it scared me. It was on a busy day and I hardly had time to rest it out. Rest was all I could do when it hit. Fortunately, it went away and I continued on with my life. 

When I had my M.A.V. under control, I made a promise to myself that I would not let it control me. I promised that no matter how bad it got, I would never, ever let it take over my life as it once had. Even if it meant I had to crawl to go where I needed to go, to do what I needed to do, I would do it, because I never wanted to go through the helpless, isolated feelings of despair I lived through. 

Today I ran for the first time in two weeks. It was a great 4 miles I enjoyed thoroughly. I haven’t gotten the rest I should have been getting these last couple of weeks, and my eating hasn’t been great. But these things will change starting tomorrow. June 1st will mark the beginning of my training for the Giants Step Half Marathon, happening in early September. 

So, back to clean eating, back to regularly scheduled workouts and saving up money for my racing bike. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to afford that, if not sooner, than later, but I’ll get it eventually.

So, there’s no giving up for me, no going back, no falling down and not getting up. Onward I go!