Warm Evening Run

I used to really dislike running after work. I always felt they were inferior runs, and would arrive back home disappointed, promising I would never run late like this again.

But this changed a couple weeks ago when I had gone to the Giants game the night before and there’s was no way I was going to wake up early to run. I went out after work and had a great 3-mile Interval session. Something turned around my dislike into pure enjoyment. Well, not pure enjoyment. I was doing intervals, after all and those are probably the hardest type of run workout to do. But, I did them pretty well, with no negative effects from changing the time of my run.

So, why not switch one of my three weekly runs into an evening run? Why not??

I went out for a 3-mile Tempo run tonight after stopping off at Trader Joe’s on my way home. It was warm and a bit breezy. The hardest part of the run, the hardest PARTS were the beginning; it was difficult to get going in the heat and the very end, when I wanted to finish the 3-mile distance, but I was running completely out of steam.

It made it a little bit easier that I was going on one of my favorite routes, but it was also rush hour, so I had to deal with lots of working people leaving their offices heading home. I ran down Geary Street to Market Street and then to the Embarcadero along with Bay to AT&T Park. There’s something about running past the Park when it’s quiet and empty that I love. The building is so beautiful and has such character, I love it and makes me swell with Giants pride whenever I’m near it.

I pushed through the fatigue that started to bother me and finished my run. My Ultimate Direction vest, (love love love) had a nice, cool bottle of water for me as I waited for MUNI to take me home. I can definitely see my Thursday Night Run becoming a regular thing.


Earlier, during my lunch, I went to the Thursday Crocker Galleria Farmers Market. I love this smallish weekly market. The produce is always top-notch and not badly priced either. And SCORE!! Cherries are finally here. They are my very favorite fruit. Every year, I eat as many as I can through the small window of time they’re available. I will only purchase organic cherries as well; chemicals and cherries don’t mix. Today, I was able to talk to the farmer who grew them. He told me that he would have four different kinds of cherries available for about seven weeks or so, giving me a heads up. I’ll be there every week if I can. I also talked to him about the damage the late rains did to the crops. He said that the amount of cherry harvests were affected throughout the state, but that the quality of what’s available is really great this season, which made me very happy.

Along with a basket of cherries, I also bought some beautiful fresh ginger, (it is seasonal, you know), and baby kale. It took me a while to get used to eating so much kale. I don’t like the junk sold at regular supermarkets. It’s stringy and tough. But the organic kale, especially the baby kale is tender and delicious. And sweet enough to be eaten raw in salads. Avoid the pre-packaged inferior kale if you can and make an effort to find organic kale. If you always thought the super green stuff was “eh”, you’ll love it after dining on quality kale. I know most of us can’t always have the best of everything in our diet, but a small thing like getting superb kale is well worth it. And We are worth it.

After my run tonight, I had an excellent kale salad. I wasn’t even that hungry, probably due to the heat, but a salad sounded nice. I added red onion, raw, fresh English peas, red bell pepper and slivers of Parmesan cheese. I made a light olive oil-red wine vinegar dressing and enjoyed.

It’s been a rough week for workouts. This was my first one since Sunday. I’ll try not to let it go so long again, but sometimes things can’t be helped. Between going to baseball games and watching the NHL Playoffs, trying to get enough sleep is about all I can do. Tomorrow night is the first Rangers playoff game in the second round, which is on at the same time as the Giants away game. It’s going to be a busy night!



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