Early Sunday Five


(AT&T Park)


The alarm went off as I slept soundly. For a few seconds I had nearly talked myself into turning it off and staying in bed, but then I quickly reminded myself that the Rangers had a playoff game against the Flyers starting at 9 am. Nine in the morning! Hockey is cruel. After that, was a Giants game at 1pm, and I had things to do with no time to run, so I got up, eating a whole-grain bagel with almond butter, gulping coffee down. 

It was beautiful out at 7:30 and I had a great run. I ran down Geary St to the Ferry Building, then down the Embarcadero, past AT&T Park, saying hi to my beautiful friend….I love her so…. she was quiet today and would be all week as the Giants are on the road, playing San Diego and then Colorado. But I would be back soon, next Monday for a game versus San Diego. 


(AT&T Park from across McCovey Cove)

I kept going down, along the bay, past my favorite Giants player of all time’s statue, Willie McCovey, or Willie Mac as he is known to us fans, was the hardest working of the old-time Giants players. He has a quick wit and sharp mind and I had the chance to meet him a few times. I kept going past the small Junior Giants Diamond past the Port of Oakland docks to Mariposa and then back up Fourth Street, over the bridge to Townsend. 

It was a great run and I got back home on MUNI in time to watch the Rangers lose the second game. The series is tied up 1-1. 


(The empty AT&T Park parking lot)


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