Losing Food Cravings and Writing

I used to write about minor league hockey. When the Bulls were here, I wrote about each game, as well as events and special news. It was fun. Word of my blog got out, and I started writing for a website about more minor league hockey teams. It was fun but it was also demanding and stressful. I considered writing about the San Francisco Giants, but the deadlines and self-imposed work would surely get to me. I have enough to do right now, so I’ll enjoy being an avid baseball fan and leave the writing to the dozens of bloggers out there already. 

This blog is enough, and as it is, I don’t write in here as often as I should. But that too will change. I will post more and cover more subjects. 

This week was a good one. I’ve stuck to my new way of eating and new way of thought. I’ve cut out white flour and white sugar, deep fried foods, and most processed foods. I’ll still eat whole wheat flour-made products, raw sugar, honey, etc. and things made organically. i love my bread and I’m not giving that up. However, I have cut back a lot and that’s been very positive. 

Also, I’m thinking differently about food. It’s no longer the highlight of my day. If I find myself thinking about a future meal too much, I start thinking about something else in the day instead. It could be a workout, my favorite TV show (Person of Interest) or even my walk home from work. But food is not the center of my universe. Nor is food my friend, my confident or my turn to when things get tough. FOOD IS FUEL. And that’s all it is. Sure, it still tastes great and I enjoy eating it, but I’m not longer making it more important than it should be. 

One of the best things happened to me today too. We had a very fun Easter egg hunt at work with cupcakes afterwards. I wasn’t tempted by either. I had one small piece of dark chocolate and avoided the cupcakes entirely. And I didn’t miss them. In fact, I feel great because I didn’t have a cupcake. And to top it off….this will be the first Easter I’ve ever spent without having chocolate. And I’m very happy about it!


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