Being Healthy, Active and POSITIVE!!!


(view from my seat)


Sometimes my job is more stressful than I wish it was. Nearing the end of the work week Friday, I was thinking of what a so-so week it had been and I was more than happy to get out of the office and go to the gym for a good session on the bike.

About two minutes before I left, my boss asks me if I had plans that night. Uh nope….Would I like to go to the Giants game?? UH WHAT??!!???!!

I work in coffee house supplies and one of our customers was having a problem. The normal person who does this sort of thing wasn’t available, so they needed me to go to the game to see if I could fix it for them. My boss bought me a ticket and gave me food money to spend. I was sooo happy!!!

The problem wasn’t too big of a deal; I fixed it up and spent the game a few rows behind Home Plate. I even got to see one of our star pitchers Madison Bumgarner hit a Grand Slam!!! It was spectacular!

One question I had in my mind was what to eat at the park. We’re lucky in San Francisco with the Giants. They’re very aware of who their fans are, we’re Foodies in the Bay Area and we like variety. The team has planned the various food vendors accordingly. So many choices! But with me not eating white flour, white sugar or anything deep fried, it was still hard to find something I could eat. After a brief walkaround the Promenade Level, I decided on Tres Mexicans food and enjoyed some excellent chicken tacos, without cheese and with plenty of jalapenos. They were delicious and I highly recommend them. They also have veggie ones as well, which I may try next time.

I was very pleased with my eating healthy at the game. The Giants won, I walked home and everything was paid for by my employer. Gotta love it!

The next morning, I went to the gym early and really worked out my core (planks, I really dislike you), spent extra time with the weights and biked 9 miles in intervals.

Again, I stuck to my WOE (Way of eating) and felt great. This morning I ran 4 miles. It was a good run, although the last mile was very tiring. I was either still tired from my half last Sunday or my workout yesterday did more than I realized.

It’s been a good productive weekend. Got a lot done and stuck to eating right. I’ve lost 3.5 pounds since last weekend just from cutting out foods that are not helping me, and sticking to true portion sizes.

I don’t necessarily look forward to Mondays yet, but even when the skies are dark and gloomy, good things can happen.


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