Rock n Roll Weekend Part 1 – the Expo



Finally Friday after work! It was a long week and I looked forward to going to Moscone Center for the race expo. I enjoy these, especially the bigger ones. Most of the races I do are smaller so the bib and packet pickups are small with not a lot of fanfare. This was a good one. I checked out a lot of cool products and got some good samples.


(A very popular booth)

I almost bought a massage stick. I will buy one, but I think I can get a better price on it and I can’t afford it right now. My philosophy is, if I don’t have the immediate funds for it, I can’t afford it. I am NOT putting anything on credit cards right now. The only thing I’m going to charge is my bike and I’ll pay that off in three payments afterwards – I have a plan!

I didn’t get a formal workout in today, but I walked four miles. Tomorrow, no working out. Instead, I’ll clean out my clothes closet and get rid of a bunch of clothes I haven’t worn in a very long time. I’ll donate them to Goodwill that in about two blocks away and I’ll buy a sweat shirt from them that I’ll wear to the race. I can toss it aside at the start. It will be gathered and donated back to Goodwill. Much, MUCH better than plastic garbage bags! I hate seeing those things at races. So wasteful.

My next blog will be post race, with all the hopefully, not too scary selfies and maybe one of me and my medal. Cheers!


Does this shirt rock or what????


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