Following One’s Heart’s Desires

Let’s face it….when one follows a dream or what one truly wants, it is always a solo path. We may meet great people along the way. We may make friends with one or two of them, but the hard, sweaty miles are ours alone.

2013 (and through the first couple months of 2014) taught me a couple valuable lessons. It taught me to not waste my time working on projects or spending time with people who don’t matter. Let me explain a bit more what this means to me. Last year around this time, I had spent nearly the entire season with San Francisco’s new minor league hockey team, the San Francisco Bulls. I went to every game, wrote blog after blog about the team, supported them through the booster club and poured my heart into the team. In the second year, we knew that the team wasn’t in good shape. And through the ineptness of the inexperienced owners and I’ll say it, broken promises of the team, they folded this past January. It was devastating to the fans.


(me at a Bulls game)

I was not hurt as much as I was angry. I had started a website about the minor leagues and the Bulls and I spent many, many hours covering the team. I tried to keep up the website after the team disbanded, but I didn’t have the same feelings for the league (ECHL). I still LOVE hockey. I follow the New York Rangers as closely as I can from the opposite coast, but I closed the website and stopped writing about a league I have no personal investment in.

Even though I write for no one but myself, I felt a lot of my time was taken up by something that, in the long run, didn’t matter. I’m still in touch with some of the people from the games, but I was also vividly reminded of the difference between a friend and an acquaintance when the team folded. Maybe I’ll write about that some day. Let’s just say that don’t count on acquaintances you merely have fun with to think of you in your troubled times; they won’t.

After the team folded I immediately had lots of free time. Which interestingly, fit into my plans quite well. I was working up to doing triathlons and now had time to train. The refund money I got back would help purchase my bike.

Now, I will channel my love of writing into my running, cycling, swimming, weight loss and general health blogs. And although I’m a huge hockey fan, and baseball fan, no more writing about teams. It’s not like it’s going to lead to a new career for me, I’m well past that age. Instead, I will be selfish with my writing and focus on my true desire: to be as fit and as great of an athlete as I can. 

What this means is I will blog more. You may or may not like what I write, and I respect that. Everything that is not scientifically proven (and even most of that) is our own opinion anyway. Facts and studies are skewed to promote or disprove a certain way of thought. You think “gluten-free” is big now? Wait a couple years until it’s proven to be cancer-causing, or something like that. HA!

Starting yesterday, I focused more on my WOE (Way of Eating). I’m cutting out white flour, white sugar, and as many processed foods as I can. It’s not that I eat much of those, but I do eat some and they have to go. No more being lazy, or eating too much. So, portion control is a biggie too. Eat 5-6 times a day, small meals, protein with each meal, write everything in, stick to the workout schedule, BE POSITIVE!



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