Last Long Run Until my Half

I ran 12 miles today and it was a rough run. Let’s be honest, my half in two weeks is no cakewalk. The first half of it is mostly uphill and it seems no matter how much hillwork I do, it’s not enough.

I ran 3 miles through Golden Gate Park, which was a nice way for me to wake up and get some ground work down. During my run, I had to stop briefly to get Spotify on my phone to work and while I was adjusting it I spotted a lone coyote standing in a meadow near the Rose Garden. I’ve heard so much about the Golden Gate Park coyotes that it was cool to finally see one. But when I reached those first two very steep hills on Balboa Street, my heart sank a little. I run hills at least once a week and even with that training, I still had to walk up the last part of the second block.

And then later on the hill through the Presidio to the Golden Gate Bridge is as brutal as it was last week! I’ll have one last chance to run it again next Sunday on a shorter run, but then that’s it. Sigh….

The best part of the run was the flats at Chrissy Field and through the Marina. That felt pretty good. I maintained a slow pace, but kept going and with the exception of a bathroom break, I kept running. Once again, I walked up part of the hill at Fort Mason and then that last couple of miles was very painful.

Somehow, I hurt my left thigh doing swimmers turns a couple weeks ago and it only acts up after running, cycling or walking a lot. I will meet with a trainer at the Y to get my turns made properly. But at least until after my race, no more trying to do fancy turns in the pool!

The things that really helped me today was my choice in music. I know it’s not that big of a deal for many, but for me, having the right tunes helps keep me moving. A few of my songs included:

Heaven Can Wait – Iron Maiden

Broadsword – Turisas

Glastonbury Song – The Waterboys

Only You Can Rock Me – UFO

Everything Invaded – Moonspell

A Thousand Lies – Hypocrisy

As you can see, I like my music mostly on the heavy side. 🙂

Also, I won’t miss this route once this race is done. I’m sure the directors of the Rock & Rock Half are great people, but this course….


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