Three Weeks to Go…..

The San Francisco Rock & Roll Half Marathon is April 6th, so I’m nearly through with my training. Today, was my second to last long run. I went out for 9 miles. I was thinking I could do 8 to 10 miles, because last week I was supposed to get in 8 miles, but due to my cold, I only ran 5 miles. 

It was a good run. I started at Fulton and Stanyan at the beginning of Golden Gate Park. I covered part of the Half in my run, especially the hill up to the bridge, as that will be the nastiest. I did walk up some of the hills. Through the Presidio, heading up Lincoln to the Golden Gate Bridge, the uphill got to me and I had to walk some portions. 

But there was at no point when I felt the horrible feelings of exhaustion or breathlessness i had last week. My right thigh that had been giving me a bit of trouble felt OK, and the usual aches and pains of distance running came and went and the miles added up. 

The other plus of today was that I started out early with a relatively empty stomach, having eaten only a small breakfast of 1 slice of whole wheat toast with almond butter and a banana with coffee. Last week, I went out much later because of an early morning Rangers game being broadcast. Why they have early Sunday NHL games is beyond me, and by the time I got to the park it was afternoon. My late runs are almost always inferior. 

I feel good now, after a lovely shower and icing down my legs, as well as a couple good rolling sessions. Those help so much. Tomorrow I start spin classes, so I’ll write and say how those are. 

But, the greatest thing about my run is that I’m no longer afraid of the R&R Half. I KNOW I can do this! If I had needed to, I could have run 3 more miles today. It wouldn’t have been pretty, but I could have done it. 

Next week, I’ll go for 11-12 miles and then the week before, I’ll taper down to 7 or 8 miles. 

And now, it’s dinner time! 🙂 



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