Trying to Catch Up….

I don’t get sick very often, but this time around I caught a nasty cold that dragged me through hell and back. It was so bad I had to take two sick days off work just to try to get enough energy to not feel like I wanted to sleep 20 hours a day and blow snot out of my nose the other four. 

Bleh….I’m mostly (95%) recovered now and trying to regain the strength I had before I succumbed to illness.

The most unfortunate part is that my half marathon is less than four weeks away and I don’t feel anywhere near ready for it.

But, I’m getting as ready as I can. This weekend, I ran 3 miles Saturday, which was fine. I then tried to run a longer run Sunday, going for 6 or longer, but I could only get 5 miles out until I stopped, out of breath, wheezing a bit, coughing some leftover phlegm. (I know, sorry.)

Last night after work, I did some core and weight training and took a good swim. Swimming is therapeutic for me. Everything bothering me is washed away, if only for that short time I’m immersed in water. But I always come out tired and smiling. And hungry, I’m always so hungry.

This morning, I went for my favorite hill-run route. It’s 2.5 miles – up Hyde to Greenwich, down to Polk, back to Geary Home. It’s a tough route but easy enough to remember and familiar. There were many times (at least five) that I said to myself “turn around, let’s just do a short run this morning.” But I didn’t. I kept running. I kept going. I said back to myself “Just do one more block up this hill. And after that block, “just one more hill.” Finally I just decided to do the whole thing. And I was so happy I did! I need to conquer this route if I’m going to do anywhere near OK in this half. The hills are NASTY NASTY NASTY and they intimidate me intensely!

So, my goals until April 6th are to eat as healthy as I can, keep my workouts going and try to maintain a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Keep smiling….I CAN DO THIS!!! 🙂



One comment

  1. We have a Greenwich in England, and I used to live near there, south of the Thames in London.
    Thanks for the follow, and good luck with your running.
    Regards from Norfolk, Pete.

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