Month: February 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Birthdays aren’t really that big of a deal for me. But unlike many people in their 50s, I’m happy for each one that arrives. Consider the alternative. I spent the weekend just the way I wanted to as well….quietly, enjoying some nice peace, quiet and stress free living.

I was invited out last night, but I changed my mind and decided not to go. One of my new rules this year is to not do things I don’t want to do that I don’t have to do. Sometimes, I wind up doing things or saying yes to things that I really wind up not liking or enjoying, merely because I think I “have to”, but that’s not true at all. I’m saying “No” more. And I’m happy for it. There is nothing wrong with saying no if we don’t wish to go somewhere that isn’t required or where our presence isn’t needed, such as an emergency or something of importance. Rest and quiet and peace of mind is just as important as filling up our social calendar with unnecessary engagements.

Rest, eating and running. That’s what I’ve been doing today. And I’m enjoying every moment of it.

So, I have this SF Rock & Roll Half Marathon coming up in early April and the first 4 miles is nearly all uphill. and it’s not gradual up either; they’re steep and nasty. I got a good 3-miler in yesterday and today I ran the first 4 miles of the course before turning off for 2 miles.

I only have 6 weeks until the race. I’ll run a large portion of the course before the race, especially the uphill part and get more comfortable with it. I’ve run that part before, but going downhill. It’s absolutely beautiful, but so hard. At least after today I’m least afraid of it. Now I just need to keep up my hillwork and get the distances down.

And it’s OK that I turned 55 today.


The view of the Pacific and Seacliff from the Presidio


Forced Breaks

I was sick last weekend….I had a cold that grounded me from running over the week, so I got my first run in Thursday. I did OK; I ran 2.3 miles at 11:00 min mile pace average. 

But I can’t let this minor break in my running drag me down. My birthday is Sunday, so I know my eating won’t be the best. After that though, I’ll get back into my regular regimen. I won’t allow myself to enjoy my 55th Birthday. 

A friend took me out to dinner Tuesday night to Soul Groove. It was absolutely delicious. Soul Food, California-style. 


(birthday dinner)

This weekend includes two runs, a shorter 3-miler today and a 6 mile run tomorrow including some hills. 

I hope you all have great workouts this weekend!



8 Weeks Away….

I switched up my workout tonight to swimming instead of cycling because my thighs we still a bit sore. It felt great to be in the water. I swam 20 minutes and finished 24 laps, swimming slowly at first and then doing a few faster laps and a couple ones of breast stroke. But those really hurt my thighs, so I kept it mostly crawl. 

I then suddenly realized that the Rock & Roll Half Marathon is only eight weeks away and I have to ramp up my training. And I do plan to be out of town a couple weekends in March, so I’ll have to do some planning to make that work. 

There will be no missing my runs, so lazy sleeping ins, the COUNT DOWN has started!


Chinese New Year Run


(Chinatown pre-race this am)

It’s the Year of the Horse in the Chinese calendar, so why not start the year with a run? Be it a cold, windy and rainy run. I hadn’t been running as much as I knew I should have. In fact, last night, I made myself a promise to start eating right and sticking to my workout schedule better starting TODAY.

This 10K is a fun course. It goes through sleepy Chinatown before anyone is up and moving about. It then crosses Broadway and moves through Northbeach to the Embarcadero down to FIDI and back to Chinatown via California St. The 5K ends there, the 10K repeats.

My feet were soaking, my thighs were achy, my lungs burning, but I kept going and finished.

It is the Year of the Wooden Horse: It will be a fast-moving year with high energy, conflicts,  progress, consumerism, invention….everything about 2014 is about movement. I’m not sure how much faith I put into any of it, but it coincides with my current training plans which are simply: decrease the outer noise, focus on what I need to do for myself and help others who ask.

I want to thank the SF Police Dept for doing a superb job on traffic control, all the volunteers and the Chinatown YMCA. Without any of these fine people, this race would have never happened.


Too Long of a Break

Things happen in life. Unfortunately, when we say that, it’s always the bad things that happen. My very favorite hockey team, the local minor league hockey team, the San Francisco Bulls folded last week and it completely wrecked my workout schedule. We knew it was coming, the fans weren’t there, the money wasn’t there, it was sad.

But this isn’t about their demise, that’s for another day. This post is about how taking time off from workouts or not going at them full-on is hard, so hard.

And when I went back today, it felt better than I could ever imagine. Blasting Orange Goblin, one of my very favorite bands, on Spotify while on the bike felt awesome, as I sweat my way through the minutes.

Now I’m ready to tackle my workouts, to eat right again, to maintain that positive attitude. Things are leveling right-side-up again.