Swimming Til I Drop….

Tonight’s workout was pretty exceptional. Since my Hot Chocolate 15K race about a week and a half ago, I drifted a few days out of my workouts, so it was really nice to get back into it.

I hit the gym after work, starting first with some core work…

First some yoga poses, Cat, Cow, Baby, part of the Sun Salutation, plank, some back stretches.

Crunches on the exercise ball. I LOVE doing them that way! Yes, I said LOVE. You get all the benefits and none of the pain of doing crunches on the floor. Your back feels fine, your stomach muscles feel great, but you know you’re working them. You also get added benefits of working out your leg muscles.

Squats on the bosu ball. This is a really good way to develop balance. I enjoy doing these as well. My trainer had said that runners have to make sure to keep their knees straight in front rather than go into Vs, He said that’s pretty typical of runners, and I forgot why he said we do it.

I do step ups on one foot with weights. Scott (my trainer) said this helps with balance which triathletes need so much. He’s a firm believer in doing as much in a few combined exercises as you can rather than doing a whole bunch of time-consuming individual exercises. Triathletes spend enough time working out, we don’t need more to do.

Next free weights. two sets, 20 reps each, about three different moves. And then a few different machines, 3 sets, 15 reps each with varied weights.

And then the pool. Lucky me, the hot water in the showers was BROKEN!!! So, I rushed through the rinse off before swimming and hit the pool.

I swam 26 laps, the first 22 were nonstop, while I worked on my swimmer’s turns. The pool is 25 yards long, so I swam 650 yards. I also did a couple laps breast stroke and swam some sprints. The last couple laps my legs started cramping up so I knew it was time to finish.

I ate well today. Well, almost perfectly. I stopped at Milan’s and got a veggie pizza with garlic on my way home. I was soooo hungry! Let me tell you….I’ve run a marathon and a few halfs. I’ve trained for a lot of running races and NOTHING, no, NOTHING makes you as hungry as swimming.

It was delicious and I have plenty left for tomorrow night. Tomorrow morning, running.


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