Early Morning Runs…

I start work at 7:30am and many times if I wait until after work to run, I’m tired, the streets are crowded with people and cars or something comes up. I also really hate running on a treadmill. It’s bad for the knees (as it’s an unnatural way to run pulling back your leg each time you take a step), and I love running on the San Francisco streets. If treadmills are your thing, that’s cool, it’s just not mine.

Early mornings in SF are fun. I’m the only one up in my neighborhood. It was cold this morning and dark, and I had almost talked myself into not going up and instead going after work. But I know how THAT would turn out, I wouldn’t have run today. So, I got ready and went. I only ran 2 miles but it was a good two miles at a 10:20 minutes per mile pace. I was wearing my Brooks Pure Flow shoes. They make me go faster than my Brooks Ghost, which are my distance shoes.

My shower felt awesome and my oatmeal tasted better than ever. Have great runs today, Everyone!


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