Where I’m at Today


(The steps at Lands End, one of my favorite places to run)

I realized that my introduction earlier today was a bit brief, so I’m making a more extended more this evening. I love running and have been running for most of my adult life. I’m in my 50s, so that’s been quite a few years. In fact, I can remember more years running than not running and I can’t imagine life without being outside enjoying what I love the most. 

Recently I decided to spice it up a bit, so I last November I started triathlon training. I was on the swim team in high school, so swimming is something I always enjoyed and am pretty good at. The bike part will come around. I don’t own a bicycle right now, I have to save the money up, so until then, I’m training on the stationary rode bike at the gym. 

Oh, and I joined the YMCA a couple blocks from work. I love it. Beautiful pool, really nice people, lots of space. The hours are sometimes kind of a pain, especially around holidays, but I manage. 

I ran the SF Hot Chocolate 15 last week so I’ve been a bit of a slug, only getting a couple runs in since then, so tomorrow it’s time to get back into my scheduled training and eating. 

Tomorrow morning: Weights and Core and then Swimming for 20 minutes 

Eat 3 meals with healthy snacks when needed





  1. That is beautiful! I would love it there. Wow! 😀

    I don’t run, but I’m trying to. It’s a process, but I like it. I think with time, I can even learn to love it. It sounds like you’re a natural runner, so if I can feel a fraction of the joy you feel while running, I’ll be ecstatic!

    Oh, and excellent schedule. You have everything planned out. I like that. Planning is the key to success. 🙂

    1. Thanks!! It takes a long time to enjoy running, and if you find that you don’t enjoy it, find something else you like and do that instead. Just take things slowly, don’t overdo it, try walking with running mixed in and lengthen your running times while reducing your walking times. But always remember, a mile is a mile whether it’s completed at 7 minutes or 15 minutes. 🙂

      1. That’s exactly what I’m doing. 🙂 I run and then walk, run and then walk. It’s not so bad when I do it that way. Eventually, I plan to do as you’ve said by increasing to the ratio of minutes running versus walking and progressing from there. Thank you for that!

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